The Black Dragon token ("BLACKDRAGON") is a memecoin developed on NEAR Protocol’s stack for entertainment and educational purposes within the cryptocurrency community. It is not intended as an investment, financial product, or a representation of value. The creators of BLACKDRAGON do not promote it as a means of investment or as a financial asset.

No Guarantee of Value: BLACKDRAGON is a NEP-141 token with no inherent or guaranteed value. The value of BLACKDRAGON, if any, is purely speculative and subject to market forces beyond the control of the creators. The creators do not bear responsibility for any loss of value or market fluctuations.

No Guarantee of Utility: any further development of the BLACKDRAGON token and ecosystem is entirely driven by a decentralized community and beyond the control of the creators.

Non-Recognition as a Security or Financial Instrument: BLACKDRAGON is not recognized as a security, or any financial instrument by any regulatory authority or financial institution. It does not entitle holders to any rights in any jurisdiction. To avoid any confusion it is important to underline the fact that BLACKDRAGON does not entitle holders to any membership rights or claims, dividend-like payments, co-determination claims, repayment claims or claims to interest. Moreover, no capital is raised to pursue objectives in investment policy. No common return multiple was envisioned by the creators of BLACKDRAGON.

Risks of Cryptocurrency Involvement: Engaging in cryptocurrency, including acquiring, trading, or holding BLACKDRAGON, involves significant risk. Potential risks include, but are not limited to, loss of capital, market volatility, regulatory changes, and technology failures. Investors should perform their due diligence and consider their financial circumstances before participating.

Jurisdictional Limitations: The acquisition, trading, and holding of BLACKDRAGON may be restricted or prohibited in certain jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of each participant to understand and comply with the laws and regulations applicable in their jurisdiction.

No Liability of Creators: The creators, developers, and affiliates of BLACKDRAGON disclaim any liability for loss or damage that may arise directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on BLACKDRAGON. Participation in BLACKDRAGON is at the individual's own risk and discretion.

Acknowledgment of Disclaimer: By acquiring, trading, or holding BLACKDRAGON, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this disclaimer. They also acknowledge the speculative nature of memecoins and the absence of any guarantee or promise of profitability or return on investment.